It’s Been Another Week

Hey everyone! I’m still not dead. But I did have to go to urgent care. I’ll tell you all why: Last p-day we were playing soccer or something and someone ended up stepping on my foot. And it really freaking hurt. I thought nothing of it and just kept playing, albeit a bit gentler. After […]

Halloween Lockdown

Hello again everyone! I realize I haven’t told you where I’m at, so I’ll start by answering the geography question while I’m looking at this map here.┬áSo last transfer I was in more central Chandler/northern Gilbert area. Now I’m in more southern Chandler/Gilbert area. Apart from that, this week was pretty alright. We had the […]

3 Trunk Or Treats

Hello there everyone! Hope life is going well! This week was honestly pretty boring. We had meetings pretty much every day, so not a whole lot of proselyting work was able to get done. We did have one of our wards trunk or treats on Saturday though. It was pretty fun. We mostly just mingled […]

It’s Fall!

Hey everyone! This week has been slightly better, the area is definitely viewed as one of the “slow areas” though, but we’re going to change that! Our church day was long: we cover three wards, so we started off with a meeting at 8:30 then we had church starting from 10:30-5:30. I ended up getting […]

Area #10!

Hello everyone! I got transferred again! I’m on my 10 area with my 16 companion, but I’m still not back in Spanish work. To be honest, I don’t think I’m going to be going back to Spanish work, which is kind of disappointing, but I know that I’m where I need to be. The area […]

General Conference was awesome!

Yeah, conference was super cool! Speaking from experience (because Gila Bend had two hour church) it makes Sunday a lot more manageable. The talks were cool as well. A lot of them were basically just saying “we know that life is hard and that challenges happen, as long as you have faith and trust in […]


This week has been cool, we’ve gotten a ton of referrals for people that are actually interested in learning about the gospel. One of them is actually from Poland. They’re all super cool people and it’s really awesome to teach them. I’ve also been studying the new Testament a lot during my personal studies and […]

It Finally Rained!

Hello everyone! We had an eventful week. On Wednesday it rained for the first time in months. And it wasn’t a little rain either (for Arizona standards). It rained for about 5 hours nonstop, everything was flooding and our clothes were getting destroyed it was awesome. On that day, as we were crossing an intersection, […]

Zone Conference

Well, I’m not dead yet. It’s been a fun week. We had our zone conference, so that was fun. We learned all about how to be better missionaries and stuff. There’s also been a ton of other meetings/ service projects we’ve been doing, so we’ve averaged about 2 hours of proselytizing time per day. So […]

A Good Week

Hey everyone! It’s been an interesting week. Three days ago we stopped by a referral that we had gotten, so we went in thinking “she’ll want to meet with us, and it’ll be awesome.” Yeah, that didn’t happen. She wasn’t actually interested and a guy that was super high began yelling at us how Jesus […]